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Bardahl Super TF smeermiddel+PTFE

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Bardahl Super TF Lube + PTFE is a semi-synthetic high-quality Teflon spray without aliphatic hydrocarbons. This lubricant and lubricant is made from synthetic base oils with a viscosity of approx. 15 Cst at 40°C, to which PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) has been added. Special additives ensure that the PTFE remains homogeneously distributed in the grease. The Bardahl Super TF Lube + PTFE is also provided with an anti-corrosion additive.


Bardahl Super TF Lube + PTFE is an excellently penetrating Teflon spray with a very varied range of applications. This includes lubricating hinges, chains, tools, conveyor belts, circular saws, locks and general lubrication.

Special benefits

After applying Bardahl Super TF Lube + PTFE , moisture is expelled and a thin, lubricating layer remains. This layer of grease forms a very tough film of Teflon particles that behave like ball bearings. This layer provides excellent protection for the treated parts and minimizes friction and wear.

Our teflon spray also has EP properties and remains effective after evaporation of the base oil up to temperatures of 260°C. Super TF Lube + PTFE is 41.71% biodegradable within 21 days (according to CEC-L-33-T-82).

Content: 400ml.