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Bardahl XTC C60 Pro Kart engine oil

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Bardahl XTC C60 5W40 is a premium performance engine lubricant, specially developed for Honda Gx160 Pro Kart engines.

The use of precious bases and special high stability polymers makes it possible to achieve extraordinary performance. This includes resistance to thermal deterioration and strength of the lubricating oil film even under the most extreme conditions. The oil interval can be extended up to the maximum specified by the manufacturer.

The excellent viscometry provides instant lubrication when the engine is started. Thanks to Bardahl technology and the effective Polar Plus formula with Fullerene, XTC C60 engine oil provides a remarkable reduction in friction. This XTC C60 oil also improves performance, fuel economy and protects all mechanical engine parts. It also helps to keep the engine clean and thus prolong its life.

This high dose motor oil from the Bardahl Polar Plus - Fullerene C60 Formula gives maximum performance, extreme protection against wear. This is achieved through the triple protection:
1. Protection level achieved by the BARDAHL oil lubricating film.
2. protection through the Polar Attraction formula.
3. Level of protection achieved through the Fullerene molecules.

• Wear is better controlled
• Keeps the engine clean and extends the life of all engine components
• Fast engine start and immediate lubrication even at low temperatures
• 100% synthetic formula

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