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MS KART BLUE PHOENIX / 4T without front brakes

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The Blue Phoenix chassis has international CIK / FIA homologation valid for all categories (homologation number 008-CH-02). The frame of diameter 30 mm is made of high quality chrome-molybdenum steel tubes. The latest version of the frame with a wheelbase of 1050 mm has a modified front axle geometry as well as a new type of rear axle bearing housing holders. This enables both a more variable adjustment of the rear end ground clearance and the set up of the stub axles height. It is very easy to set up the camber castor of the front wheels by using the popular Sniper adjusters. An other new feature is the K KART hydraulic brake system with self-ventilated floating brake disc The KG 507 bodywork in combination with 508 nassau panel and the latest design of MS KART stickers provides the MS Blue Phoenix chassis an attractive look.


Technical Data:

Frame: 25CrMo4 Ø 30 mm

Wheelbase: 1050 mm

Rear axle: Ø 50 mm x 1040 mm


Standard equipment:

- hydraulic self-adjusting K KART brakes with automatic adjustment of clearance between brake pads and brake disc (CIK approved)

- K KART self-ventilated brake discs

- rear axle of 3 different hardnesses (soft MS38, medium MS53, hard MS67)

- manual adjustment of brake pressure on the front and rear axle

- KG bodywork model 507/508 CIK

- rear plastic spoiler KG model C3 CIK

- Sniper adjusters

- adjustable front and rear ground clearance

- aluminum wheel rims

- MS KART leather steering wheel model KG M5 Ø 330 mm or Ø 345 mm

- laminate seat

- aluminum floor tray including MS KART sticker


Additional equipment:

- front and rear torsion bar for variable chassis stiffness set up

- magnesium wheel rims

- MS KART bodywork stickers

- aluminum foot rest

- aluminum pedals

- cooler

- water pump (toothed belt transmission)

- JECKO seat

- carbon-kevlar floor tray

- carbon-kevlar seat or combined laminate/carbon-kevlar seat

- pedal extension kit



The innovative design of pedal extension kit (code 109Uh) allows simple and variable adjustment of the distance between pedals and the driver´s seat.