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Stickerset MS Kart Prokart KG 507 - 508

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Sticker set

The MS PROKART chassis is a specific model developed for use in the Prokart Endurance and Sprint, with the frame powered by two 4-stroke HONDA GX160 engines. The frame is made of high-quality steel chrome-molybdenum tubes with a diameter of 32 mm. The latest version of the frame, with a wheelbase of 1045 mm, is characterized by a reinforced center chassis section and also reinforced steering knuckles. This guarantees a longer service life in endurance races. The caster and camber of the steering knuckles can be easily adjusted by the exclusive Sniper adjusters. In the standard version, the MS PROKART chassis is equipped with a hydraulic MS03 brake in combination with a self-ventilated floating brake disc, model K KART. Optionally, the innovative MS Endurance braking system, which has been specially developed for endurance racing, can be fitted. The self-adjusting brake caliper MS KART model ENDURANCE with a magnet (code 515Pb) allows a quick change of brake pads, which is a necessity during a longer endurance race. The KG 506 box set in combination with the latest design of MS KART stickers gives the MS PROKART chassis an attractive design.

Technical data:

Frame: 25CrMo4 Ø 32mm
Wheelbase: 1045mm
Rear axle: Ø 30 mm x 6 x 1070 mm

Standard equipment (included in price):

- hydraulic self-adjusting MS KART brake model MS03 (with automatic adjustment of the clearance between the brake pads and the brake disc)
- K KART fixed or floating self-ventilated brake disc
- Brake pads (S205 - super hard, S214 - hard, S222 - medium, S273 - soft)
- adjustable ground clearance front and rear
- steering knuckles Ø 25 mm
- KG bodywork, model 506 (excluding stickers)
- Sniper adjusters
- leather MS KART steering wheel model KG M5 Ø 345 mm
- plastic seat
- plastic rear bumper with adjustable width model KG RS3 CIK
- front torsion bar, for variable chassis stiffness (rear is optional)
- two optional pedal positions
- 2 pieces of engine mounts HONDA GX160/200 complete, including clamp
- 2 sprockets (optional) complete with hub and sprocket guards
- 2 pieces chain type 219

Optional (available as a separate product in this webshop)

- Magnesium rims (210/130mm)
- Heel support
- Weight mounting pins
- Additional weight
- Rear torsion bar (with clamps)
- Maxxis Sport (competition tyres)